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BALKAN PLASTICS COMPANY DOO is manufacturer of polycarbonate products that have wide range of application.

In goal of constant upgrade and development, an integrated management system has been implemented in accordance with the requirements of standards ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015 and ISO 45001:2018, in order to significantly upgrade the quality of work of organization.

Policy of Integrated management system is based on the following elements that represent fundamental company goals:

  • Fulfilling all standards, laws and regulations in the process of development and providing services that are subject of our company’s activities;

  • Continual upgrade of all business processes in accordance with needs and expectations of clients and other interested parties, as well as raising the level of their satisfaction;

  • Providing professional and vocational training of employees;

  • Developing partner relations with suppliers;

  • Identifying all aspects of the environment and possible risks for health and safety in workplace and keeping significant aspects under control;

  • Promoting ecological awareness of employees and work in the ecologically ethical way;

  • Taking and applying systematic measures in goal of prevention and reduction of situations that would have negative influence to the environment and workplace health and safety;


BALKAN PLASTICS COMPANY DOO establishes quality goals, regularly monitors, measures and assesses critical parameters and processes, in goal of securing high quality services, environmental protection and employee safety.

Continual improvement of Integrated management system is founded on the active participation and support of all employees.


In Belgrade, 01.11.2019.


Aleksandra Todorović

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